529 Market St. – PO Box 94 – East Liverpool, OH 43920   |   Phone: (330) 385-0845

  • 529 Market St.
    PO Box 94
    East Liverpool, OH 43920
  • Phone: (330) 385-0845

Business Profile & Membership Application

Application Form

Member Identification


  1. Record EIN registered for business entity only, do NOT record SSN. If none, mark N/A
  2. Indicate exemption status approved in IRS Letter of Determination. If none, mark N/A.
  3. First year’s dues pro-rated on quarterly basis (January – December).

Customer Contact Points

Use this summary to include other media resources (i.e. Facebook, etc.). If business does not have online presence, include brief description goods/services provided. (Business Summary limited to 100 characters – including spaces)

Enter Payment Amount

Business Interest & Support Services

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Applicant Affirmation

To the Board of Directors, on behalf of the entity named above, I the undersigned, make application to partner with the River Valley Chamber of Commerce to enhance business visibility and credibility and improve the regional economic environment by helping strengthen communities through opportunity, profitability, and stability. I further and unconditionally state all information herein presented is honestly, fully, and truthfully answered to the best of my information, knowledge, and belief. Should this application be approved, I hereby further promise to conform and comply with the forms, usages, laws, rules, and regulations of River Valley Chamber of Commerce.

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