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  • 529 Market St.
    PO Box 94
    East Liverpool, OH 43920
  • Phone: (330) 385-0845

Business Network in Columbiana County, Ohio
River Valley Chamber of Commerce

Develop Through Leadership Service

Business development is a matter of cooperation. No matter how well-designed, the Chamber is only as good as the company it keeps. Learn how you can make a difference.

Connect Through Business Directory

Customers learn about businesses online more than anywhere else. But if you’re a small business owner with little online marketing experience, scarce few hours to manage a website, and/or are struggling with a limited budget, learn how we can help.

Profit Through Membership

Membership in the Chamber maximizes collective business power, provides opportunities to acquire new skills, and improves the ability to influence success.

Chamber of Commerce Membership Services

Businesses that grow and prosper are those that sell more than just a quality product, but also offer their leadership, their excellence, and their attention to tasks for even the smallest matters.
The challenges of change are often difficult, and simple membership in the Chamber cannot transform a business into valued usefulness and financial success. But the Chamber can help your business better achieve success in the big things by guiding efforts to accomplish the small important details.

River Valley Chamber of Commerce Board Members:

  • Marcus A. Trelaine, President
  • Darlene S. Kinsey, Vice-President
  • Dawn M. Gerz, Vice-President
  • Cathy D. Grafton, Treasurer
  • Rebecca I. Tolson, Secretary
  • Troy A. Chisom, Director
  • Heather M. Dornon, Director
  • Amy L. Faulk, Director
  • Holly A. Good, Director
  • Scott Shepherd, Director
  • Raymond J. Wayne, Director
  • Daniel D. Wolfe, Director
Our Chamber members advocate leadership opportunities, business support, and community outreach. These promote the value of working and in the Upper Ohio Valley Tri-State Area. We work to provide members with great benefits that will help them get better value from our Chamber, including:
  • • Grant Notices
  • • News Highlights
  • • Business Referrals
  • • Industry Advocacy
  • • Member Directory
  • • Certificates of Origin
  • • Community Leadership
  • • Historical Economic Data
  • • Special Programs/Events
  • • Business Announcements
  • • Member Marketing
  • • Insurance Discounts
  • • Intern/Mentorships
  • • Training Workshops
  • • Networking/Forums

Our Mission

To help build a common ground of economic purpose, progress, and prosperity; to cultivate collaborative partnerships with multigenerational and diverse business interests; and to enhance the quality of life through beneficial productivity and reward throughout the regional communities.

River Valley Chamber of Commerce
Reaching Out to Your Business